MTS©Since1998 @ Maus Habitos

MTS©Since1998 @ Maus Hábitos

Aqui deixo uma peça feita no Maus Hábitos  no dia 29 Setembro.


About DaphOne MasTerS©Since1998

MTS Crew was born in the year of 1998 and is also know as, MeanaceToSociety, MakeTheSpliff, ManyTherapySessions, MaTosinhoS, MonsTroS, MusTacheS, MoreThenShit, MakeThemSafe, MasteringThisSkillz, and many more. Created by Aero and Dogma, this is one of the oldest graffiti crews in Porto/Portugal still active with branches all over the globe such as USA, France, Finland. Hoping to extend theyr crew through many more countries in a future to come.

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  1. Essa entrada ficou DO CARAILHO (que é p’ra não dizer asneiras…)!!

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